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Private Pilot License

Through the Windy City Aviation Private Pilot Training Program, you can join hundreds of other aviators that have successfully “slipped the surly bonds of earth” to earn the most prestigious gift of travel - a Private Pilots License. Windy City Aviation provides safe and structured one-on-one instruction with full-time flight instructors at your pace and on your schedule.

Depending on your needs, lessons can be flexible to allow training en route to a meeting while learning the necessary cross country planning skills and practicing maneuvers along the way. We make the most of your time.

Allow yourself the freedom of flight and begin your journey to more places than you could have ever imagined.

It's always sunny above the clouds


Instrument Rating

After achieving the coveted Private Pilot’s License, you’re ready for the next step in becoming a complete aviator, the Instrument Rating. This rating is an add-on to a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate and allows you to act as PIC (Pilot In Command) of an airplane during IFR conditions (inside clouds, low visibility, etc.) as well as in Class A airspace (above 18,000 feet). 

Transition and Advanced Training

Learn to Fly ~ Fly to Learn


Recurrent Training

Whether an IPC or BFR, Windy City Aviation can help you shake off the rust and continue maintaining proficiency and safe aircraft orientation. Want to combine your recurrency with a new aircraft type checkout - we can help!

Unlimited range, unlimited learning

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Flight Simulator Training

Take Your Written at Windy City Aviation

Windy City Flyers is a certified CATS test center, providing all levels of FAA written tests – from Private Pilot to ATP.

To sign up for a test, or if you have any questions, please call our office at 847-808-1188.

Directions to our facility can be found here.